4 Tips to Turn Tennis Into an Intense Workout


Plain and simple: Tennis is a sport. So why don't folks treat it like one? 

A tennis match, even played between friends, can and should be an intense workout that conditions the whole body. Yet, players often turn tennis into a game of strategy, and the physical conditioning suffers as a result.

"Tennis isn't a mental game, it's physical," says Bill Wright, former men's tennis head coach at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Arizona. "If you want a mental workout, go play a game of chess."

Wright should know. The longtime collegiate and junior's tennis coach had an epiphany during his 12-year stint at Cal State. Players were often over-coached and the spontaneous, physical nature of the game was lost.

Don't Let Your Mind Get in the Way

In tennis, it's easy to get wrapped up in the mental strategy and forget that your body is supposed to do all the work. "Your mind plays tricks on you," Wright says. When that happens, "the physical part suffers, and before you know it your body is fatigued."


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