Executing headers like a World Cup athlete

This is a great tip from Major League Soccer Camps to help players develop their skills employing headers both offensively and defensively just like the World Cup athletes do.

Purpose:To develop attacking and defensive headers.

Organization: Set out a 10 x 10 yard grid. Position two players on each end line. Each team takes on the identity of a World Cup team.

Game Objective: One of the players throws the ball to his partner to head past the other team.The defending team tries to stop the ball going over the goal line without using their hands.Once the ball has been stopped, the receiving player picks the ball up and serves it to his partner.A goal is scored when the ball crosses the line under head height.

Playing Tips

  1. To aim for the goal, turn your shoulders to face the target.

  2. Head the ball down toward the center.

  3. Use diving headers for more power.

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