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Check out our Soccer Training Guides! Below we have compiled some of our best soccer articles and workouts to help improve your game. Learn the latest soccer training drills and skills for shooting, defense, goalkeeping and juggling. Plus we have a variety of training articles for coaches and youth soccer players, ranging from advanced soccer moves to beginner passing and dribbling drills. Ready to play? Explore Soccer Camps and Leagues near you.




Did you know? It’s common for a soccer player to run about 6 miles each game. That is equal to running back and forth on a basketball court 350 times!

Soccer Articles & Advice

Passing Tips From Julie Foudy

Former gold medalist and United States national team captain Julie Foudy shares her advice for better passing.

5 Soccer Agility Drills for Kids

Help your soccer player get a little fancier with their footwork with these agility drills to improve balance and coordination.

The Importance of Muscle Memory in Soccer

Since many athletes start playing soccer at such a young age, it’s important for parents and coaches to make sure players learn the correct kicking te