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How to Organize Your First Race

So you're a runner. You've crossed countless finish lines and you think it would be cool to put on your own race. Let this be your step-by-step guide

20 Great Marathon Spectator Signs
By Ryan Wood

Marathoners need the spectators to cheer them on, inspire them, or maybe just make them laugh or take their mind off things in the midst of a br

How You Know You Are a Runner
By Sabrina Grotewold

How do you know that you're a runner? When certain habits become second nature, you've become one of us. Check out this fun look at runners' quirks.

Why Too Much Running Is Bad for Your Health
By Elizabeth Narins, Women's Health

When it comes to running and other forms of vigorous exercise, more isn't always better. Rack up too many miles each week and you may actually harm&md

14 Marathons to Do in 2014
By Sabrina Grotewold

Marathons vary as widely as the runners who complete them luckily, distance runners can be selective about the 26.2-mile events they choose. The