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10K running Articles

The 3-Month Marathon Training Plan
By Pete Rea

There isn't one perfect marathon training plan; you have to find one that works for your fitness level and goals. This 12-week program is ideal for re

The Best Core Exercises for Runners
By Matt Fitzgerald

While healthy running requires a strong core, running itself doesn't create one. Try these three running-specific strengthening exercises to move more

10 Ways Runners Get Weight Loss Wrong
By Pete Rea

If you're following the "eat-less-get-lighter-run-faster" model to drop pounds, you probably haven't been able to maintain what you lost. Find out why

12 Fall Marathons
By Sabrina Grotewold

You've been tuning up all summer to reach your peak fitness by autumn, so reap the benefits of all of that hard work at a fall marathon. One of these