Diet Detective: Embrace Healthy Habits to Drop Weight

Don't let your family throw you off track. Set up boundaries for yourself when dining out or eating at home. Keep track of your "difficult" family eating situations and think in advance about how you're going to overcome them. Give yourself permission to eat something different from the rest of the group. Also, remember to talk with your family; let them know that you want their help—not to police your eating, but to support your healthy choices.

Watch Out For Food Pushers

All of us know someone who is a food pusher. They tell you that you look great, and, in fact, "You're getting too thin." "How can one bite hurt?" they ask. Or, "It's a birthday party!" or "You have to at least have a taste."

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Have an answer ready for these diet saboteurs. Rehearse a few key phrases like, "Oh, no thanks. I couldn't eat another thing." Or try the truth: "I'm dieting, and eating that piece of cake will throw me off track." Again, don't be ashamed of your new lifestyle—eventually you will get there if you stay focused and regularly make the healthy choice.

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