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Winter Triathlons in Warm Places
By Michelle Valenti

It's hard enough to ease into racing after a long break. It's even harder when it's cold outside. Make your first race of the season a warm one at one

Breaking Down the 3-Foot-Law Debate
By Ryan Wood

The 3-foot law is a hot topic for cyclists and motorists alike. Here are some of key issues with the law that are being debated around the country.

How to Rethink Your Eating Habits
By Julianne Pepitone

Here are some "smart" eating choices are nutrition no-nos (like overeating lowfat foods). Get the truth on smart ways to eat.

How to Train Cool and Race Hot
By Katya Meyers

Professional triathlete Katya Meyers revels her tips for racing in hot weather when she doesn't have time to acclimate.

5 Tips for Finding Your 'A' Race
By Paul Johnson

Serious triathletes always have a race that they gear their training toward. Here's how to find the one that will lead to a successful finish.

Inaugural Events to Do in 2012
By Giselle Domdom

Make history by participating in an inaugural event in 2012. These races offer unforgettable experiences across the country. Start building your race