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The benefits of yoga include injury prevention, stress reduction and muscle strengthening. Use this guide to find the styles and yoga poses that are right for you.

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6 Post-Race Yoga Poses
By Laura Waite

Finishing a race is a great achievement, but you're likely to head home aches all over your body. Stretch out the pain with these six yoga poses for a

Body Image: 4 Tips to Love Your Body
By De'Anna Nunez

The role of media plays a big role on how body image is viewed. Ignore what you see; focus on your health with these four tips to love your body.

4 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Heart
By Laura Waite

Celebrate Heart Health Month by staying active. Step onto you mat and practice these yoga poses to keep your heart pumping strong.

What Causes Menstrual Cramps?
By Tony Hale

Between discomfort and severe cramps, your monthly visit from Aunt Flo can really put a damper on things. To reduce pain, learn about the body's chemi