June 16 - July 21, 2020

Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Management

June 16 - July 21, 2020 Village Center • 333 South Madison Street WaunakeeWI  53597 View Map Organized by Village Center

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About this event

June 16, 2020 - July 21, 2020
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Ages 15-255 · Co-Ed

Village Center

333 South Madison Street WaunakeeWI  53597
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This activity has been cancelled.

Through mindfulness and meditation we can become more comfortable with life's complexity and uncertainty. Mindfulness strategies can change our habitual patterns of reacting to stress. We can learn to relax our body and train our brain to respond in ways that help regulate our nervous system so we do not react to all of the stresses we face in unproductive ways, e.g, by saying things we do not mean, by forgetting the things that really matter, or feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and challenges we encumber. Mindfulness helps us stay true to who we are and be our authentic self with more peace in our life.

Mindfulness helps to increase focus, concentration, calmness, memory, sleep, health, conflict resolution, peace, joy and more!

Each class includes relaxation strategies, mindful movement, and contemplative and creative processes to learn about our inner self and how we relate to the world around us.

Class is taught by Rebecca Eller, PT, RYT, Mindfulness instructor. Rebecca has devoted 20 years of practice and study to help children and adults increase skills of awareness, self regulation and connection...helping students learn and develop their identity from a safe place within and be more engaged and independent in their life experience.

Tuesday June 16 Mindfulness and Meditation 101. How to develop more awareness and what gets in the way?

Tuesday June 23 Mindfulness of the Breath and Body. Learn about the physiology of breath and its role in regulating our health. Increase body awareness and learn to recognize and follow your gut instincts. Explore Mindfulness and Pain.

Tuesday June 30 Mindfulness of Emotions. Learn to name and feel emotions and the benefit of acknowledging allowing all emotions. All emotions are good and necessary to experience. How do we deal with difficult emotions?

Tuesday July 7 Mindfulness of the Heart. Heartfulness. Explore the importance of gratitude, generosity, compassion and forgiveness. Your heart is smarter than your brain. An introduction on how to develop your intuition.

Tuesday July 14 Mindful Communication: Discover your strengths and weaknesses in communication and learn to clearly state your observations, feelings, needs, and requests without interpreting or conveying criticism, blame, or demands. Learn the power of conflict and resolve misunderstandings with greater ease.

Tuesday July 21 Mindful Eating: Learn to increase your awareness around food and your triggers for eating. Learn about your different hunger states, and be introduced to the food-brain-mood connection. “Mindful eating replaces self-criticism with self-nurturing. It replaces shame with respect for your own inner wisdom.” -Jan Chozen Ba


Vil. Ctr: Board Room at Village Center


Rebecca Eller

Village Center • 333 South Madison Street WaunakeeWI  53597 Get Directions

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