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Triathlon Running Tips

Are you looking to improve your running form or technique? How about training to go faster? These articles will help get you on the path to your most

Active Triathlon Book Club

Looking for a great read to teach, aid or inspire you as a triathlete? From how-to stories to entertaining narratives to insightful autobiographies, h

Break the Rules to Swim Fast

Have you been swimming the same speed for years? Here's how to shake things up and swim your way out of your rut.

Offseason Training

From the last race of the season to the start of base training, here's how to make your offseason count.

6 Offseason Tips for Triathletes

A smart offseason paves the way for a great race season. Prepare for your best year yet with these tips for offseason training.

Triathlon Cycling Tips

Of all three disciplines you spend the most time on the bike. These cycling tips will help you finish faster.

What Motivates Triathletes to Suffer?

Active Expert Matt Fitzgerald explores the possibility that overcoming pain, more than anything else, is what motivates athletes to push themselves be


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