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Should You Do an Ironman Triathlon?

It's hard to train for a longdistance race if you don't sign up for the right reasons. Find out if you're ready to do 140.6.

How to Market Yourself as an Athlete

Pro triathlete Jessi Stensland shares her thoughts on what it takes to market yourself as an endurance athlete, and tips for how pro athletes can best

9 Tips for Training in the Rain

When the weather gets wet, don't get washed out. Here's how to train in the rain and be prepared to face anything on race day.

Run, Bike, Swim: The Early Days of Tri

Russ Jones is the recipient of what's thought to be the first triathlon trophy ever awarded. Find out what it was like in the early days from someone

6 Exercises for a Balanced Body

Some muscles should help with mobility while others should act as stabilizers. These six exercises will help balance your muscles and optimize efficie