Directory of Triathlon Guides

Directory of Triathlon Guides

Whether you're a multi-sport newbie or a triathlon veteran, make the most of your swim/bike/run experience with these guides—covering year-round training, racing and everything in between.

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Give It a Tri

Is this the year of your first triathlon? Find, train for, and cross your first finish line with this step-by-step guide for newbies.

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Olympic-Distance Triathlon

Some of the world's most popular races cover the Olympic (or International) distance. Whether you're racing against professionals or your own personal best, improve your performance with these articles.

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Half-Ironman Training and Racing

There's nothing "middle distance" about 70.3 miles. Several hours of swimming, biking and running require serious training, nutrition and race-day execution. Hone your half-Ironman with this guide.

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Do Your First Ironman

Thinking about going the 140.6-mile distance? Here's how to start training for your first Ironman—no matter your triathlon background.

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Training Tips for an Ironman Triathlon

Anyone who has completed an Ironman will tell you: the training is as much a part of the journey as the race. Improve your workouts, nutrition, fitness and life outside triathlon with these tips.

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Tapering and Race Week Tips for an Ironman

Don't waste months of training with a bad taper or silly mistake in the days leading up to your big event. Reach the start line of your 140.6-mile race in peak form with these tips.

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Race Day Tips for Performing Your Best at an Ironman

Your race begins with 140.6 miles separating your from the finish line. Conquer them all with these tips to performing your best at the big event.

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Recovery Tips for Ironman Triathletes

The ordeal of racing a 140.6-mile triathlon is both physically and mentally taxing. These recovery tips will help you get back on your feet and back in the game.

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Ironman Race Previews

Find the best Ironman or 70.3 event for you with these previews, course descriptions and tips on making your race experience a successful one. And stayed tuned to this page as more events are added.

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Off-Road Triathlons

Mix up your training and racing by leaving the asphalt behind. Off-road triathlons are fun, dirty and anything but predictable. These training articles will help you prepare to tear up the trail.

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Early-Season Training

A collection of articles on early-season triathlon training—including workouts, technique drills, training programs, physiological tips and more.

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Offseason Training

From the last race of the season to the start of base training, here's how to make your offseason count.

Free Weights

Strength Training for Triathletes

Endurance athletes focused on swim, bike and run can also benefit from finding their way to the weight room. Decrease the risk of injury while improving fast- and slow-twitch muscle growth with these workouts.

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Your Guide to Triathlon Gear

Should you buy a wetsuit? Do you need a tri-specific bike? Find your answers to these questions and more with these tips on how to gear up for triathlon.

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Sports Nutrition

Nutrition can make or break your athletic performance, yet it is often the overlooked element of an athlete's training plan. The food you eat is just as important as the hours and miles you log. Follow this guide to make sure you are fueling for top performance.

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Triathlete's Guide to Injury Prevention

With three disciplines to master, triathletes are particularly vulnerable to injury. Recover quickly, prevent overuse injuries and stay healthy all season long with these tips.

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12 Endurance Races to Do in 2010

Looking for an unforgettable event to anchor your 2010 calendar? Whether you're a runner, swimmer, cyclist or triathlete, choose from these dozen races for a memorable season of training and racing.

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