How to Squeeze in a Workout Anywhere

Listen up college grads and athletic-minded ones in search of a new career! If you have to travel out of town for a job interview and are worried that you will not have time to squeeze in your daily training session, calm down. Follow these helpful and creative tips to keep your mind sharp, your body lean and your next Ironman or marathon PR on track.

Disclaimer: Results vary--getting a call back while following this program is not guaranteed.

Arms/legs: Wear ankle and wrist weights under your clothing--each step and shake of the hand will strengthen arm and leg muscles.

Lats: Identify an available bathroom stall, lock the door and perform chin-ups while gripping the top of the stall or simply hang if you find the chin-up motion too difficult. Stay clear of U.S. Senators.

Abs: Ask the receptionist to hold down your ankles while getting in some last minute crunches.

Butt: While sitting in a chair, continuously flex and release your gluteal muscles--with practice, you may even be able to perform this exercise during the actual interview.

Endurance: If you are taken on a tour of the office, ask if you can make a couple extra laps on your own--maintain a jogging pace throughout.

As with any exercise routine, be sure to obtain a physician's medical clearance before beginning this program. And, if you can't detect the sarcasm in this piece, your chances of getting hired are as likely as running a four-minute mile.

Jim Kaese is co-founder of Athletic-Minded Traveler, LLC, which operates the largest healthy travel content site on the web, creates healthy lifestyle content for various media, and generates online custom wellness and work-life solutions for Fortune 500 employers.

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