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Male+and+female+swimmers article
Men Vs. Women In Endurance Sports

The truth is, men still out perform women in most athletic endeavors, but there is one area where women might be closing the gap.

Swimmer at pool
4 Lessons From a Swim Clinic

You can get across the pool, log a decent workout, and even paddle your way through the swim leg of a tri. Now it's time to hone your technique.

Essential Stretches for Young Swimmers

Nothing can derail a swimmer's ambition like an injury. Teach your aquatic enthusiast to warm up and stretch properly to avoid potential problems.

Swimmer+in+the+pool article
Should You Swim With Hand Paddles?

Swim equipment can play an important role in a swimmer's workout. One of the most popular tools, however, is also one of the most misunderstood.


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