Natalie Coughlin's Body Position Basics

In swimming, your body should work for you, rather than against the water.

In her third freestyle video tip, two-time Olympian and world record holder Natalie Coughlin offers three ways to improve your body position in the water.


Natalie Answer Your Questions

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Here are two responses from Natalie to help improve your freestyle rotation.

Question: Should I rotate slightly to my non-breathing side, or do I stay flat in the water?

Natalie: Rotation is the key to using your core strength in swimming. You need to think of anchoring with your arms and rotating your body around that anchor point. That way you are engaging your core in addition to your arm strength when pulling, which will lead to better efficiency.

Question: It looks like when you extend your arm in front of you that you are almost gliding a little bit before you start the next stroke. Is that something I should be doing? I'm training for my first half-Ironman. Thanks.

Natalie: Not necessarily. Rotate into your catch, always maintaining hold on the water. If you feel like you are gliding you are probably losing speed and momentum. Focus on having an even, steady tempo that you can maintain for the distance of your triathlon.

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