Avoiding Surf Rage

As surfing becomes more popular, the number of beginners continues to rise. More bodies and more surfboards means waves are more crowded and these conditions create the ideal breeding ground for surf rage.

Obeying the rules of the ocean

Inexperienced surfers often take waves without being aware of the dropping in rule. This rule governs who has priority on the wave. The surfer closest to the curl of the wave has the priority. Experienced surfers can catch a wave just as it starts to break and be up on their feet and riding quick as a flash. The inexperienced surfer, further along the wave, will then be in the way.

Not only does this ruin the ride for the surfer riding on the wave, but it can also cause a collision. The result could be serious injury and/or board damage. This is definitely the biggest cause of a surf rage incident.

Knowing where you are

Dropping in is not the only potential source of surf rage; inexperienced surfers usually have little ocean sense. Rips and currents can easily drag a surfer out into the larger waves and in the way of experienced surfers.

Beginners may also not understand the paddling etiquette rule and paddle straight into an experienced surfers path.

Understanding safety

Understanding more about surfing and the ocean is definitely required before getting out on a surfboard. Most sports need some level of theory before delving into the sport. Scuba diving, for example, requires people to understand something about their equipment and safety issues before going into the water. The same is true for surfing.

Unfortunately, many people think they can just jump on a surfboard and do it. Because they have not bothered to learn more about their equipment, the ocean, surfing etiquette and safety, they become a potential danger in the water.

Surfing is a great sport and surf rage can be avoided if everyone is a little more surfing educated.

For more surfing tips check out the Academy of Surfing Instructors Web site.

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