September 05 - 12, 2020

Run For Tomeka 5K Virtual Run, Ride or Walk

September 05 - 12, 2020 Organized by Run For It! Productions

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About this event

September 05 - 12, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
To my friends, co-workers and family, thank you for all the love and kindness you've showed me over the last couple of months.   In 2013, I’d just lost my father to Lymphoma. As I buried myself into my work to cope with the grief of losing my father, God sent me an angel. What started out as a business associate, became a close friendship, and from a close friendship, came the deepest love I’d ever experienced. Tomeka and I where together for 7 years and lived a full life of love and adventure. Traveling around the world and having dreams of building an empire together.    Although we went though things that would have ended most relationships many times over, our love and connection kept us through the most difficult times.    In 2017 we were rocked with the news that Tomeka was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and we started the long tough journey of chemotherapy.    Even though her chances of recovery began to look bleak, I had the honor of make this woman my wife! We married in a private ceremony on May 3rd, 2020. We were originally planning on a bigger wedding on our anniversary but this COVID environment prevented that.   Early one Tuesday morning June 3rd, Tomeka suffered a seizure which lead to cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and they able to revive her heart beat but she was unable to breathe on her own or regain consciousness. After many tests and days of observation and treatment, she passed on Saturday, June 6th at the NE Medical Hospital in Gainesville, GA surrounded by family from North Carolina to Alabama. She did not pass alone! I was able to spend one last night with her and she went home peacefully with friends and family around her. She is now at rest and feeling no more pain.   My heart is shattered and I’m still a work in progress to get past this. It is never an easy thing to lose someone you hold so dear.    Cancer is a debilitating disease that ravages the body and changes everything the second you hear those three words. The last four months of Tomeka's life was very difficult for us and at times, I’d wonder if I could have done something different to ease her pain or to give her a better quality of life without the exhausting process of Chemotherapy! I don't know, but I do know that I have to do something to help at least one woman out there dealing with what we went through and what thousands of cancer patients deal with every day! Tomeka would want me to help, so that is what I intend to do. Please pray for our strength and guidance! 🙏🏾   The family and I want to thank everyone for the out pouring of love and words of condolences and congratulations! My Love was a special woman and will be deeply missed.


The Run for Tomeka 5K is an annual event to raise funds to support women with Breast Cancer who might be having a difficult time dealing with their cancer treatment and the cost associated with their treatment. 


Event details and schedule


- An awesome shirt and mask

- Points in the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix (



You will be able to submit your 5K time anytime between 9/5/2020 and 9/12/2020. Please follow all of the steps below in order to be included in the results;

- Run or walk a 5K anywhere - even on a treadmill. If you are running/walking outside, please make sure you are following all social distancing rules and follow ALL local, state, and federal mandates! 

- Take a picture of your time/distance. It can be through Strava, Garmin, Mapmyrun, or even a picture of your watch or treadmill display. As long as we can see your distance / time, you are good!

- Email your proof to within the time window posted above. Times submitted outside of this window will not count. Please include your full name in the email. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** In the subject line of your email, please put "Run For Tameka Results Submission" This will help us know which event you are participating in! Please also include whether you ran, rode, or walked.

- We will post complete results by 9/13/2020 at and they will be sent out via email. Points / results for the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix will be posted as soon as possible. 


 ***DETAILS WILL BE COMING SOON REGARDING A LIVE EVENT! Participants can expect a fun day of exercise and fellowship with people who want to honor Tomeka by helping others.***

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