How to Become a Better Runner Part 2

8 exercises to strengthen your hips, hamstrings and glutes

In part one of the become a better runner series, we discussed how core strength helps prevent injury. The second part of this series focuses on the glutes, hips and hamstrings. Running becomes more efficient when the glutes and hamstrings are utilized to generate a strong transition from one stride to the next. But, many runners don't use their glutes fully when extending their legs forward; this can compromise stride length, causing an inefficient gait and increased risk for injury.

The exercises included here will address weaknesses in the hips, glutes and hamstrings. Posterior exercises are vital to flushing out the weaknesses common in all runners, and they will help you create a stronger, more balanced body. If you are new to these exercises, pick a few and master the movements before moving on to others.

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