Thorne Creatine Review: Is It the Right Creatine for Me?

Thorne Creatine

In the world of sports nutrition, multivitamins and other performance-enhancing dietary supplements are often added to an athlete's diet. It's sometimes challenging to choose a supplement that provides high-quality ingredients from a brand you can trust. Thorne is a trusted brand, and Thorne Creatine is a high-quality creatine product designed for athletes. This Thorne Creatine review will discuss the benefits of Thorne Creatine, how to use it, and who should use it.

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A Quick Look at Thorne Creatine

Thorne Creatine



  • Price: $
  • Flavor options: N/A
  • Serving size: 1 scoop (5g)
  • Servings per container: 90
  • Sugar: None listed
  • Key ingredients: Creatine monohydrate

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Thorne is known for making a wide variety of high-quality fitness and wellness supplements. The brand offers multivitamins as well as single-ingredient supplements such as biotin, glucosamine, and creatine. The company's headquarters is in New York, New York. Thorne's supplements are manufactured in Summerville, South Carolina. Thorne intends to "empower individuals to live healthier for longer through personalized, scientific testing and solutions."

What We Like

  • No fillers
  • The package contains a single ingredient: creatine monohydrate
  • One scoop contains 5g, which is within the recommended dose for creatine
  • Unflavored, so it can be easily mixed into any beverage
  • Reviews note that it is tasteless
  • NSF Certified for Sport

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive compared to other brands of creatine
  • Sourcing has been changing recently due to supply chain constraints, so some consumers have noticed differences in appearance between batches

Benefits of Thorne Creatine

Thorne Creatine is a creatine monohydrate product. Creatine monohydrate is widely considered the most effective and bioavailable form of creatine, and is considered the gold standard for creatine.

Thorne Creatine is safe for collegiate and professional athletes because it is Certified for Sport by the NSF and does not contain banned substances.

In addition, the formulation is easy to mix into liquid and is tasteless. Since it has no taste of its own, the supplement is easy to add to other regularly consumed dietary supplements such as protein powder or pre-workout. Best of all, one scoop of the supplement provides 5 grams of creatine, which is within the recommended dosage of 3-5 grams of creatine per day for strength improvements.

Who is Thorne Creatine Best For?

Thorne Creatine is best for:

  • Athletes and people who work out regularly
  • People who want to build more lean muscle mass
  • Vegetarians or vegans who regularly work out and wish to gain muscle mass, as their diets are naturally lower in creatine than those of people who eat animal products
  • People who do not have diabetes or kidney issues

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    Final Thoughts on Thorne Creatine

    Supplementing with creatine is a popular option for athletes trying to build stronger and bigger muscles. Thorne Creatine is a high-quality and bio-available version of creatine.

    It's easy to use since one scoop provides the ideal dosage of 5 grams of creatine daily. Thorne Creatine blends easily into drinks because it's tasteless and odorless. Blending easily without a bad taste could lead to more regular use.

    FAQs About Thorne Creatine

    Is Thorne a good creatine brand?

    Yes, Thorne Creatine is a high-quality creatine brand. The creatine source is creatine monohydrate, considered the most effective and bioavailable form of creatine currently on the market. It mixes well with liquid and doesn't have a taste. Thorne creatine does not contain any fillers and contains a single ingredient. It is produced in a third-party tested facility where it goes through four rounds of testing.

    When should I take Thorne Creatine?

    You should use one scoop of Thorne Creatine in 8 ounces of liquid. Per Thorne, you should drink the mixture 30-90 minutes before or after exercise. In general, people who want to improve exercise performance should use creatine around exercise times, although it needs to be taken daily for best results, not just when exercising.

    Should I drink more water while taking creatine?

    You should make sure to drink plenty of water while supplementing with creatine to ensure it can work effectively and to reduce the risk of dehydration.

    How long does creatine take to work?

    Studies suggest that you may have to supplement with creatine for a month before seeing results. Some people see results within a week. If you stop using creatine, results may go away, so it should be used consistently for best results. It is also important to note that how quickly and effectively creatine works will also depend on your diet and exercise regimen.

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