The Diet Detective: Top Online Nutritional Resources

Here are a few interesting websites and e-mail resources that will help you on your daily quest for health and wellness.

SmartBrief for Nutritionists

What a great resource. You get a daily e-mail that alerts you to the latest food trends, research, recipes and more. The editors don't create the content. Instead, they act as your personal assistant, handpicking useful dietary news and insights from thousands of sources.

Farmers Market Search

The USDA has a fantastic search engine with more than 4,000 farmers markets. This site allows you to search anywhere in the country to find the farmers markets in your area. It also lets you search by specifics, such as products (e.g., baked goods, cheese and/or dairy products, fish and/or seafood, fresh fruit, nuts, plants, honeys, jams and preserves, soaps, etc.) and even by payment methods accepted. 

Food Environment Atlas

The USDA Economic Research Service has created and maintains a Food Environment Atlas that currently includes 168 indicators of the food environment around the country. Some of the variables include store/restaurant proximity, food prices, food and nutrition assistance programs and community characteristics. According to the ERS, all these factors interact to influence food choices and diet quality. You can click on your area to see how your community rates.

BBC Online Food Glossary

The BBC has a pretty nice food site that includes definitions for many ingredients and food-preparation terms from acidulated water ("Water that has been made slightly acidic by the addition of an acid substance such as lemon juice") to zest ("The term used to describe the grated outer rind of citrus fruit containing aromatic essential oils."). The ingredients guide also offers plenty of recipes from BBC food shows.

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