4 Strategies to Shrink Your Waistline

Are you working out, making better food choices, and still challenged with losing weight? Do you get frustrated with too-slow-results and give up? You are not alone. Weight loss can be tough when you have not considered all of its hidden components.

Dropping pounds is more than the conscious choices you make. Diet programs such as meal replacement drinks, counting points, or even surgeries like gastric bypass and lapband, are absent of the most important factor that determines your long term success. 

They may very well support you in learning improved nutrition, creating better skills, and exercising more, but the one element they do not teach you is the missing piece to your puzzle. Which is ...Why do I have a weight problem?

What does the weight represent? Is it your excuse as to why you can't do more in life? Is the extra weight the result of a bad divorce? Is it because your family is overweight, and you believe it is in your DNA?

Here are four questions to ask yourself that will put you in the winner's circle, and assure your success.

With pen and paper, prepare  to journal. Before you begin, create an environment of quiet, and center yourself with a slow, deep breath. Close your eyes. Breathe in to full capacity and completely fill your lungs with air. Hold for three seconds at the top of your breath, then exhale with intention. Imagine the air exiting through your body and out your toes as you release your breath. Repeat three times. With each breath, say to yourself, 'I am open to learning and understanding myself better."

Begin with question one.

1: Why do I have a Weight Challenge?

Coaching: Look beyond the obvious answer, "I eat too many Krispy Kremes." That kind of answer is just a symptom, not the root cause. The challenge is to be willing to look deep within. Be honest and vulnerable. Don't fret, you are not being graded or judged. This is a process of connecting with your emotions. Close your eyes, speak to your emotions, and let your internal dialogue write the answer.

2: What is my Purpose for Holding on to the Extra Weight?

Coaching: Write down anything and everything that flashes on the walls of your mind. Do not try to make sense of your thoughts and analyze them at this point. Just let your pen write as an extension of your emotions.

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