The Benefits of at-Home Workouts


You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Enough said.

Make a Fool Out of Yourself and Who Cares

Try new moves, blare the music, sing out loud, grunt or scream. No need to be embarrassed. You are in the privacy of your home, so just do it. Your mind and body will thank you later!

Sample At-Home Circuit

I actually did this one night before getting ready for a night out. This one requires no equipment—just your sneakers—and some rocking music. I was soaking wet, my heart rate was up, and my core was on fire. High fives!?
*Perform 3 sets with a two-minute rest between each circuit. ????60 Jumping Jacks ????30 Reverse Lunges: Alternating ????15 Squat Jumps ????30 Squats ????60 Mountain Climbers ????15 Burpees ????15 Push Ups ????1-Minute Plank
Total Time: 22 Minutes

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