The Benefits of at-Home Workouts

You may have a gym and yoga studio membership that you use plenty—but sometimes it's just nice to do a kick-butt workout right at home. Especially when your schedule, weather and life don't leave you enough time to get your usual, hour-long workout at the gym.?
So guess what? It's time to think outside the box, get creative, and make no excuses for skipping a workout.?
As a personal trainer and owner of She Rocks Fitness, I do most of my trainings at clients' homes. I enjoy this set-up, because clients feel more comfortable and they can get ready for their day or evening right after I leave. I also have a lot of on-line clients all over the country. I ask them, before we get started, whether they'll be working out at home, at the gym or even outdoors so I can best meet their goals and a lot of them train at home.
These are the benefits of working out at home:

No Excuses

Just put on those sneakers and work out. If you want to do it outside to soak up some Vitamin D—or you'd rather do it in front of the TV—do whatever makes you happy, as long as you are doing it.?

It's Affordable

No monthly gym fees. It's free to workout at home, in the backyard, or the park. Spend that extra cash on some inexpensive equipment. Genius idea!?

Minimal Equipment

I sometimes use no equipment for certain workouts, but for others I always have on hand: yoga mat, stability ball, resistance band, and a set of dumbbells. I also like to use my chair for step-ups and triceps dips.
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