Jumpstart Your Metabolism in 20 Minutes

Interval training is the speediest way to burn fat, and now new research shows that you don't have to push yourself until you're breathless to reap the benefits.

According to Canadian scientists, exercisers who performed less-intensive intervals still increased key metabolism-revving enzymes by as much as 29% in just 6 workouts over 2 weeks. Best of all, it takes just 20 minutes a session, and you only have to push yourself to go hard for 8 minutes of it.

20-Minute Fat-Burning Blast

Do the routine below every other day using your favorite cardio activity, such as jogging or biking. For the "Push It" intervals, increase to a vigorous pace; you should be able to talk but need to take a breath after every few words. For the "Go Easy" portion, slow down to a comfortable pace.

Time / What To Do
0-2:59 / Warm up at an easy pace
3:00-3:59 / Push It
4:00-4:59 / Go Easy
5:00-18:59 / Repeat minutes 3:00-4:59 more times
19:00-20:00 / Cool down at an easy pace

5-Second Flex Test

To check your hips, just look down: If your toes point out instead of straight ahead as you stand or walk, your hip muscles may be overworked and understretched. Everything from too much running to too much sitting can cause tightness that may lead to injuries.

Loosen up with this move from Jill Miller, creater of the DVD Yoga Tune Up Quickfix Rx:

Hip Stretch: Sumo Skater

Stand with feet wide, toes pointing forward. Squat down to touch floor (if you can't reach, place hands on yoga blocks or a step). Keep back long and flat. Slowly shift from side to side, straightening hips, thighs, buttocks, and groin. hold for 3 seconds on each side.

Repeat for 1 minute, completing about 10 stretches. Do at least once every other day.

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