Everything to Expect Your First Time With a Personal Trainer

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Are you ready to get fit but aren't sure where to start? If your fitness plans include hiring a personal trainer, you might be wondering how you should prepare for your first session. We asked two certified personal trainers to share the most important questions you need to ask at your first session.

How to Prepare for Your First Session With a Personal Trainer

Whether you're new to working out or consider yourself an experienced fitness buff, meeting with a personal trainer for the first time can feel intimidating. That's why Lindsey Corak, senior group training coordinator at Life Time, says it's important to understand the right questions to ask before starting.

"There are three key pieces of information a personal trainer needs to know to make sure they can develop a plan that best caters to you."

They need to know your limitations. Corak says this will give your trainer an insight into how to design your program to best cater to you. From there, they can modify exercises, add specific strengthening exercises to support a previous injury or incorporate flexibility and mobility movements into your program.

They need to know your goals. Before the first session with your trainer, Corak says to ask yourself, "What do you want to accomplish?" and "Why is it important?"

"Finding the why behind the goal is just as important as the actual goal itself because it is the underlying motive behind our actions," she says. "The more you can communicate your goals to your trainer, the better they can understand and design a plan that is personalized to what you are trying to accomplish."

They need to know your exercise experience. Your trainer needs to know what fitness and exercise routines you have experience with and your success (or lack thereof) with them. "It's important that the plan we develop for you is something you are actually going to do and enjoy," Corak explains. "As fitness professionals, we can create a program that challenges you, accommodates your fitness level and is not so dreadful that you won't commit to doing it." 

Questions to Ask Your Trainer

Now that you know how to prepare for your first session, it's time to go over some of the key questions to ask when you're face-to-face with your trainer. Greg Pignataro, CSCS, a personal trainer with Grindset Fitness, says you need to embark on this fitness journey at a pace that's comfortable for you. That said, he recommends asking these seven questions during your initial session.

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