Amber Nelson Expert

Amber holds an MS in Social Psychology and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Amber has worked for years helping others set and achieve goals as well as modify their behavior in positive ways.

After changing her own life and losing over 100 pounds through healthy eating and fitness, Amber found herself in the world of obstacle course racing and has slowly worked her way up from being inexperienced to competing amongst the elite athletes in her sport.

She is now a competitive obstacle course racer and trail runner and holds the 2021 Spartan North American champion title for the female age group 30-34. She enjoys all things fitness, including participating in cycling, running, strength training, and hybrid sports. She has a passion for sharing her experiences and knowledge with people who want to challenge themselves and improve their everyday mental and physical health.

Her background in psychology combined with her experience in lifestyle change and her own personal fitness transformation keeps her excited about interacting with other people who want to learn more about health and fitness. You might find her on the trails or in the gym, but wherever she is, she is always doing her best to improve herself and share her love for fitness and healthy living with the people around her.