7 Yoga Poses to Fight Afternoon Fatigue

Everyday, around the same time, it happens. 

Your eyelids feel heavy, you slowly slump in your chair and your energy drops to unproductive levels. You’ve only got seven or eight hours from the time you wake up until this dreaded afternoon fatigue hits.

So how can you break free from the grips of afternoon sleepiness? Yoga.

A few yoga postures in the afternoon is equivalent to an extra cup of coffee but without the negative side effects, like feeling jittery or anxious.

The combination of movement, stretching and focused breathing provides your body and mind the jolt it needs to survive the afternoon energy slump. Through yogic breathing, which draws more oxygen in per cycle of breath, your body is able to use that added oxygen to function more efficiently. 

Yoga can also increase circulation and relieve muscle stiffness and, when combined with deep breathing, your mental and physical stress is reduced, your focus is improved and your energy is boosted back to a healthy and productive level. 

Getting a quick punch of energy doesn’t need to be complicated. The seven yoga poses below are simple and appropriate for all levels. Spend one minute with each, and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the remainder of the day.

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