30-Day Core Challenge

Muffin tops are only good for breakfast. Say goodbye to your love handles by following this month-long plan that will shape, firm, and strengthen your entire torso.

When people hear core, they typically think of their abs. The core is more than your abs; it's your entire body. Think of your core as the trunk of a giant tree. A tree can't stand strong against the wind or support all those branches if it isn't a solid. A tree with a flimsy or mushy trunk would crumble against the slightest pressures.

Your core is the same thing. Strengthening your core supports your body so you can do dynamic movements without injuring yourself.

This 30-day core challenge will strengthen your front, back and side muscles to help you firm up your whole body, especially your midsection.

Repeat the five exercises followed by a static plank for 30 days. As you gain strength each week, increase the number of reps and length of time that you hold the plank. You don't need to do all of the moves at the same time; you can break them up throughout the day. Just be sure to get them all in every day.

Note: The plank time is a minimum target. If you feel stronger, try to hold it longer.

Feel free to print this image and use your tracker to help keep you focused, motivated, and on track.

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How to Do Each Move

5 Tips to Finish the 30-Day Challenge Successfully

  1. Be sure to use proper form and alignment to maximize results and prevent injury. Break up the reps into sets of 5, 10 or 15 if you need to. Bottom line: You're responsible for your own health. Push yourself for improvement, but not so far that you might hurt yourself.
  2. For best results, include a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week. 
  3. At the beginning of the month, record measurements. At the end of the month, do the same thing. This will help measure your progress.
  4. Use your tracker to record your number of reps and time you held the plank.
  5. Check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Get Started

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  3. Write down your start day and finish day on your personal calendar.

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