15-Minute TRX Workout: Hip and Glute Stability For Trail Runners

Trail running throws a variety of terrain at runners from sand and rocks to holes and tree roots. And that constant change can make it difficult to hold onto a specific pace, especially those who are more comfortable running on the road.

Why can some trail runners fly right past you up those rocky hills? A lot of has to do with their hip, core and glute stability.

You can make some significant improvements on your running form and speed as well as prevent injury by adding a running-specific strength routine to your workouts.

By targeting the hips, glutes and core, your running strength, balance and turnover rate will improve, particularly on uneven surfaces such as trails. Over time, your running gait will be more even, and you'll be able to handle undulating terrain, steep hills and trail obstacles with ease.

This workout is meant to burn. You should feel these exercises by the end of each circuit. As you get stronger, increase the reps of each set and decrease the amount of total rest in between circuits for maximum results.

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