20-Minute Speed and Agility Workout

In the running world, what comes first: speed or agility? While the answer depends largely on what type of speed you're going for—a 50-yard dash versus a marathon—the hard truth remains that you really can't have one without the other.

If you want to be a faster runner, adding strength training that targets your hips, core, quads and hamstrings can certainly help get you there. However, mixing in some agility moves, specifically moves that allow you to function across all planes of motion, is also necessary for overall improvement. This workout combines everything you need to get faster into one 20-minute cardio blast. Having access to a track and a place to hang your TRX is optimal. If you don't, look for a spot to hang your TRX and a nearby flat area that's large enough to complete 400 yards of sprints. Parks, baseball diamonds and boardwalks are all good options. To complete this circuit, you will do each move for one minute and then immediately take off on a 400-yard (1/4 mile) all-out sprint. You get a full minute of rest before heading on to the next exercise, so make those sprints count. This circuit can be repeated as necessary if you have more than 20 minutes to spare.

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