10 Post-Workout Stretches Everyone Should Do

Despite our habits, we aren't doing our bodies any favors by skipping a post-workout stretching session.

There's skepticism within the medical field regarding whether or not stretching prevents injury, but it's generally agreed upon the practice is part of a bigger wellness picture that can help keep your body healthy.

According to the staff at Camelback Sports Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, stretching increases flexibility, which helps prevent injury during and after physical activity. It also maintains and increases joint mobility and range of motion over time.

It's important to treat stretching as a gentle routine to counterbalance the high-impact or high-intensity of workouts. Camelback Sports Therapy has a full-body stretching routine it recommends to patients to help ease pain or tightness and recovery from any type of activity.

Note: Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat two to three times on each side.

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