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There are a variety of options for sculpting your abs and building a stronger core. Gyms tend to have multiple machines dedicated to core work and you can find a plethora of online programs. However, not everyone makes their way to a gym or has time for a complete ab program. If you are one of those people, then an ab roller to use from the comfort of your own floor is a great option. Reading reviews online is a great way to find an ab carver that is a good fit for you. The ACTIVE Reviews Team has taken the time to produce this Ab Carver Pro review so that you have easy access to all the ins and outs of the product and can determine if this product is your sure-fire way to build a six-pack from home.

There are multiple ab carvers on the market. Some are sleek and simple and take up minimal space, while others are bulkier but might make for a better workout. When you are searching for which one is the best fit for you, you should consider what types of surfaces you want to use the product on, what weight the product can accommodate, and how much space the product will take up. You might also want to consider any special features or extras that are included with the purchase of the product.

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A Quick Look at the Ab Carver

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro


  • Features: Resistance rolling out, assistance on the way back; ultra-wide wheel; ergonomic handles
  • Dimensions:‎ 9" x 7.88" x 9"
  • Weight: 4.63 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.


Ab carvers, or ab rollers, are a type of workout equipment that has been around for a long time. These are often purchased by people looking to get started with a fitness routine and then left to collect dust in the corner of a room. It's unfortunate, because when used properly and consistently, ab carvers are a great tool for improving core strength and appearance. Ab carvers work your core by requiring you to stabilize your core and lower back muscles as you slowly roll forward; think about a plank but you are slowly working your way in and out of the position.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro was designed with the user and their goals in mind. It is meant to amplify the user's muscle engagement and productivity. The company prides itself on having products that are innovative and put emphasis on movements that are simple and natural so that everyone can unlock the potential of their own body. While this product will improve your core, the movement you go through for each rep will also help to improve strength in your back, chest, and arms. While many people don't realize it, you actually have 39 pairs of muscles in your core. These muscles are not limited to just the stomach area, they include a variety of muscles, including pelvic muscles and spine stabilizing muscles. A strong core is key to stabilizing the entire body, and this is particularly important for athletes or people with general strength deficiencies.

What We Like

  • Free 21-day workout program for all fitness levels included
  • Knee pads included
  • Rollback assistance

What We Don't Like

  • Not ideal for people with lower back pain
  • Lack of basic instructions for use included
  • Not ideal for taller individuals

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The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro has a variety of features that make it unique. The carbon steel spring mechanism that the Ab Carver Pro uses creates resistance so that when you roll out, you do not go too fast and are actively engaging the core muscles you are working to improve. And even better, when you roll back in, the mechanism aids you so that those muscles stay engaged and you can have a smooth rollback movement. This ab carver also includes knee pads so that you can protect and cushion your knees while you work your abs and don't have to worry about any discomfort or bruising.

This product is an ultra-wide spherical wheel that will encourage the activation of more muscles than the traditional ab carver with a flat wheel, due to pivoting to the right and left. You will have to focus more on stabilizing which will target your obliques. This added feature helped to target the deepest core muscles which are key for pelvis and spine stabilization. The inclusion of ergonomic angled hand grips will encourage you to activate both your arms and core muscles, they can even be removed for easier storage and transport of the product. If you need some help getting started with the ab roller, your order includes a Downloadable 21-day Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro workout plan. Because you are working so many muscle groups at once, you will be getting stronger and increasing calorie burn too which is a great bonus because the less body fat you have the more visible your abs will become.


Some of the ab carvers there are extremely minimal and take up very little space. While this may be important to some people, if you are going to purchase an ab carver to take up any space at all, it may as well be one that you can get the most out of. The extra ultra-wide wheel may take up more space, but it also provides you with more balance and works more muscles so the extra couple of inches it adds is totally worth it. The ergonomic handles also extend out more than some ab carvers but again, this feature helps to optimize your arm and core engagement and is necessary to get a more intense workout.


Weighing just under five pounds, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is easy to move from place to place and store. While it might be a bit bulky to carry around in a gym bag, it is plenty light enough to throw into a bag and take on a road trip with you or to a park for an outdoor core workout.

Weight Capacity

This specific ab carver is plenty durable and can accommodate up to 300 pounds. Keep in mind that weight does not determine your strength and you should not be deterred away from using an ab wheel just because you are a heavier weight. You can make a variety of modifications to ab wheel workouts so that you can use it at any fitness level, and as you become stronger you can get closer and closer to using the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro in a mainstream way. This ab carver is meant for people of most sizes and fitness levels.

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Is the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Worth It?

Whether the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is worth it or not may vary greatly depending on your goals, commitment, and fitness level. If you are someone who can set a routine and stick to it, then you will quickly feel and see the benefits of using the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. However, if you are someone who struggles to keep consistent with workout and tends to buy new workout equipment but never use it, then you will likely not feel like the ab carver is worth it. Ab workouts can be completed in the comfort of your own home and with very little time, so even if you can find 5 minutes a day to use the ab carver, you will likely make good use of it. If you are going to purchase an ab wheel, then you may as well level up and choose the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro which has more features than most ab carvers on the market.

Alternatives to the Ab Carver

If you want to get in a great ab workout but do not want to purchase a new piece of equipment to make that happen, there are plenty of alternatives to the ab carver. If you have a TRX training system, stability ball, barbell, or even a towel, you can mimic the movement that you complete using an ab carver. You can do barbell roll-outs, stability ball roll-outs, TRX pikes, TRX roll-outs, or towel/slider roll-outs and these exercises will help you replicate an ab carver workout. You can also do things like hanging leg raises if you have a pull-up bar available or traditional crunches and V-ups. While these movements may not be as effective at targeting all of the muscles that the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro does, they will still help you to kick-start your ab sculpting and core strengthening routine.

Our Verdict

The ACTIVE Reviews Team has concluded that the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a great piece of equipment for people who like to work out from home and have core-specific strength and aesthetic goals. One of the downfalls of this specific ab carver is that it is bulky and takes up more space than most. However, its size is also what makes it capable of some of its highlight features like roll-back assistance, pivoting, and roll-out resistance, so we can't fault its size too much! The nearly $40 price tag also is not ideal as there are cheaper alternatives, but you truly do get a lot of features for the price so it is worth the little bit of extra money. This is a great tool if six-pack abs are your goal!

FAQs About the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Does the Ab Carver burn belly fat?

The ab carver does not specifically focus on burning belly fat. However, it will help you to gain lean muscle which is beneficial in increasing your body's fat-burning ability.

What muscles does the Ab Carver work?

The ab carver focuses on isolating your deep core muscles which include muscles that are intertwined with your pelvis and spine. It also helps improve arm, shoulder, and lower back strength.

Will an ab roller flatten my stomach?

An ab roller can help to tighten and tone your core muscles, which may result in your stomach appearing to be flatter, but this is dependent on your body fat content and genetics to an extent.