Turn without skidding

Lean into turns. Press down on the grip thats on the inside, and angle the bike over. At slow speeds, or for tighter corners, youll need to steer slightly inward, too. Dont worry about being tentative and not getting much lean. As you gain confidence in your traction, youll slant more. The key is to slowly build speed and lean. Too much of a jump in either, and youll skid.

Brake before the turn. Locking the levers in a turn makes you more likely to skid. Even if we dont cuddle the dirt blanket, your rhythm and swoop are disrupted. Its more efficient and, for some reason, quicker to brake before entering a curve. For instance, a rider who surfs an entire turn at a smooth 15 mph almost always gets through quicker than one who enters at 17 mph and brakes.

Take a wide approach
If possible, try to plan your approach wide, cut inside across the turn, and exit wide. This reduces the sharpness of the curve and minimizes the amount of lean youll need. It also lets you ride a more direct line (you go almost straight through the curve instead of turning), which helps traction on loose surfaces. Of course, you wont always have this luxury — sometimes your line is determined by the width or conditions of the trail.

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