The benefits of moderate vs. vigorous exercise

Vigorous exercise boosts health more than moderate exercise for such heart disease risk factors as insulin and cholesterol levels. But if you have high blood pressure, research shows that moderate exercise may be better for you.

Eat carbs
Carbohydrates keep your brain energized as well as keeping your muscles fueled. According to research from the University of South Carolina, those who consume sports drink before they run showed better hand-eye coordination, moods, and concentration than those who drank only water.

Low HDL? Be patient
If you're a new runner who is trying to raise your levels of the "healthy" HDL cholesterol, be patient. It can take as long as one to two years before a new aerobic exercise program will nudge those numbers upwards, according to research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's annual conference. The good news: It only takes seven to 14 miles of running five days a week to see results.

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