The basics of hill repeats

Begin a hill workout with one to two miles of easy running to warm up. Run hard up the hill and jog easily back down to begin your next repeat. Do five or six of these if you are just starting out and build to eight to 10 repeats in later workouts. When you've finished the last hill, relax with a one- to two-mile jog.

Start soy early
To gain the full cancer-preventive benefits of soy, you must include it in your diet from early adolescence. Recent research notes that long-term use of soy can reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 50 percent.

Allergic to artificial trees?
You can be allergic to artificial Christmas trees, which can pick up dust and mold during storage. To be safe, use a dust cloth to carefully wipe both the tree and ornaments when you bring them out for the season.

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