Ten holiday stocking-stuffers for the cyclist on your list

Ten great stocking stuffers
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It's crunch time for gift-givers, the reindeer are warming up and Elves are planning trips to the Caribbean. If you need to grab something for someone fast, you've come to the right place. From the Active Sports Mecca, here's a selection of stocking stuffers that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any cyclist on your list:

Pearl Izumi's Phin Tech hat $14.99
If you have a head, then you probably know that 50 percent of your body heat escapes through it. If you have ears, then you definitely know how an icy wind can feel like someone taking a razor blade to your lobes.

PI's Phin Tech hat comes to the rescue by providing insulation through moisture management and it fits nicely under a helmet.
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Koulius Zaard's Ponyband $19.99
This fashionable "ear brassiere" keeps your ears warm with abrasion-resistant nylon and low-pile velour.

What's more, the one-size-fits-all Ponyband's highly-breathable 4-way stretch allows for maximum freedom of movement and comes in three colors.
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AXO Cycling's Sprint Glove $15.99
An excellent lightweight, full-fingered glove, perfect for crisp winter days when the mercury isn't doing a nose dive.

Features of the Sprint glove include absorbent terry cloth built into the thumb and index finger area, and a lightly-padded synthetic Clarino palm pad for comfort. Comes in three colors.
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DeFeet's Eclipse sock $8.99
Nine bucks for a sock? Well these ain't no WalMart tube socks. DeFeet has garnered a rep as one of the best cycling sock-makers around.

State of the art yarn (yes, there is such a thing) is utilized to enhance the effects of wicking and cooling. Cordura nylon is incorporated in high abrasion areas. The stay fast top eliminates sagging. Oh, and the cool, orange-and-navy graphic will earn you style points on weekend rides.
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Pearl Izumi's Tailgate Seat Bag $14.99
Once again, the product-makers at Pearl Izumi step up to the plate and deliver with a high performance bag that looks as good as it works.

This saddle bag is perfect for holding the bare necessities: tube, patch kit, inflators, tire irons, and a couple of tools. And because quarters can get cramped in there, they even decided to make the inside gray, to make your stash more visible.
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Park Tool's ChainMate Chain Scrubber $99.99
It's a dirty job, and unless you are phobic about doing your own maintenance, you have to do it. We're talking about cleaning your drivetrain, and few products do it as well as the ChainMate Chain Scrubber.

This on-the-bike chain cleaner slides on easily, DuPont Nylon brushes scrub away the grime and a grade 5 magnet draws even more muck away from the chain. While you're at it, make sure and order some extra chain cleaner fluid. Trust us, you're going to need it.
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Finish Line's Beginner Combo Pack $19.99
An assortment of must-haves to keep your bike clean. The Beginner Pack includes six ounces of Teflon-Plus dry lubricant, four ounces of degreaser, one liter of Bike Wash and a bottle of detailer polish.

It even comes with a handy bicycle maintenance guide to help you get you started.
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Cat Eye's HL-330H head light $9.99
While it's not an inexpensive answer to more robust lighting systems, the HL-330H, when combined with one of our tail lights, is a cheap way to ride more safely when the sun goes down.

The Hl-330H lights the way with a 0.75W bulb and runs for over 17 hours on two, C batteries.
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GU's Energy Gel $6.99 to $27.99
While you won't see any of GU's six flavors on the menu of a restaurant, when you're 15 miles away from civilization and one mile away from bonking, these babies will taste like a five-star meal.

Mix and match flavors from packs of six ($6.99) or go big with a 24 pack ($27.99).
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And finally, for the man (or woman with thick wrists) who has everything:

Oakley's Limited Edition Solid Gold Watch $24,999.99
Okay, okay, it's not under 20 bucks. Heck, it's not under 20,000 bucks, but this 18kt timepiece at least deserves to be seen. Oakley, whose innovation (and suggested retail pricing) knows no bounds, have cast every individual component in molten gold bullion.

Production of this baby is limited, so if your last name is Trump, Gates or Rockefeller, get your order in now.
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