Race to Stop Global Warming series hopes for a cooler planet

The Green House Networks third annual Race to Stop Global Warming is a national Earth Day-related run/walk aimed at drawing attention to creating solutions to global warming in a fun, family-oriented setting.

Formerly held only in Portland, Seattle, and Denver, the series is expanding in 2002 to include the Twin Cities and Boston.

While many running races are simply a show up and run affair, the Race to Stop Global Warming events, featuring 8K run and 5K fitness walks, are a chance for athletes and spectators to learn about environmental issues that affect everyone.

In addition to standard post-race food, drink, and entertainment, each venue will feature informative and interesting environmental fairs.

"I've led the Portland Race to Stop Global Warming since it began in 2000," three-time New York City Marathon winner Alberto Salazar says. "As a runner, I depend on the natural environment, so making the connection between being an athlete and being an advocate for the health of the planet is a simple one.

"I'm proud to be a part of this event and excited to watch it grow each year as more cities come on board."

Supported by companies like Nike and Aveda, which support and develop environmentally sound business practices, the race series brings a diverse group of individuals from the fitness, business, and environmental communities together for a day of public collaboration and prizes.

Its a positive example of how businesses, non-profit organizations, civic leaders and community members are coming together to bring awareness to what is one of the most important environmental issues in the world today, said Sarah Severn, Nikes director of corporate sustainable development.

Green House Network Program Director Matthew Follett explains: Weve taken the idea of an awareness-raising event, and have included great race directors and unique and challenging courses that are fun for all runners, regardless of the level of individual expertise."

Over the past two years, the race series has succeeded in raising both awareness and funds to address the problem of global warming. The Green House Network reinvests all of the proceeds toward furthering its mission to educate and unite people in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Its a fun race for a very worthy cause, says Oregon Senator Ginny Burdick, who ran the 2001 race in Portland. They started me off with Alberto Salazar, which only lasted for about 10 yards! It was a fabulous race, with great people and a great course. I had a really good time.

Races in the series are scheduled for the following cities and dates:

April 14
(303) 430-2969

April 28
(503) 280-1094

Twin Cities
May 18
(612) 821-8981

Sept. 14, 2002
(877) 361-7201

Sept. 29, 2002
(206) 652-1411

For more information, visit www.racetostopglobalwarming.org or call the race hotline listed for each event. Questions about The Green House Network can be directed to (503) 236-7221.

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