Her Story: Rachel Eichers

Because nothing motivates us to stay healthy and active more than hearing stories of other athletic women, Her Sports brings you Her Story, monthly profiles of women like you.

Rachel Eichers
Madison , Wis.

Age: 26

Sports: Road cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, yoga

Profession: Web programmer

How I got started in sports: Cycling runs in my family. My mom and dad met on a group bike ride. I didnt start cycling competitively until college. The collegiate cycling club turned me onto racing, and I have been riding and racing ever since. I enjoy other sports as cross-training.

Favorite spot to be active: The Great Smoky Mountains

Life/sport philosophy: Staying active shouldnt be a chore, but rather something you enjoy.

Athletic highlights: Placed first in the 2006 Muskego Park Criterium. Placed second in the 2006 Spin Doctors Criterium. 2005 Wisconsin State Criterium Champion.

Athletic goals: To place in the top 10 in a national cycling event.

Favorite fuel: Bowl of granola with milk and strawberries on top

Favorite indulgence: A slice of homemade chocolate cake

When I'm not running or cycling, I'm: Creating Web sites, baking or getting together with friends.

Other interesting facts: I belong to an all-women cycling team called Americas Dairyland Cycling.

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