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The brand owner of e-water(TM) knows that summertime has officially arrived, bringing hot, humid weather and an increased risk for dehydration during exercise. Fitness enthusiasts who boost their physical activity during the warmest season of the year can take a stand against dehydration and replenish with e-water(TM), a bottled water naturally enriched with crucial trace minerals and electrolytes to provide the necessary elements to repair one's body after a boiling summer day or strenuous workout at the gym.

Bottled water is one of the fastest growing segments in the beverage industry, and U.S. residents now drink more bottled water annually than any other beverage besides carbonated soft drinks.(1)

A fusion of spring and purified water, e-water(TM) offers the health-conscious individual the perfect opportunity to hydrate and replenish fluids that have been lost during exercise without the added sugar and carbohydrates found in other sports drinks. Select health clubs and spas across the western United States are now distributing e-water(TM) as a vital hydration accessory that can be used before, during, or after a workout.

The purpose of taking in nutrients and water during exercise is essentially to refuel muscles of the lost fluids and electrolytes which can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, and decreased athletic performance. Per the April/May 2005 Issue of "Bottled Water Reporter," water or fluids without sugar are the most favorable beverages for hydration.(2)

"The benefits of replenishing energy and fluid during racing (and training, too, for that matter) include better performance, delay of fatigue, and even reduction in post-exercise muscle damage," says Dr. Robert Filice of Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. "There is a point in time where the athlete's performance will just steadily decline, almost to the point of no return. Therefore prevention of this by utilizing ... proper hydration is key. Athletes should try to fully replace fluid and electrolyte losses that occur during exercise... water alone is not sufficient, because drinking water does not replace electrolyte losses that occur through perspiration."(3)

It is important to drink a fluid containing electrolytes after intense activity to replace the vitamins and minerals lost during exercise, especially after a long workout at the gym.

Unlike other waters, e-water(TM) contains over fifty electrolytes without the addition of sodium, carbohydrates, and artificial colors and flavors. e-water(TM) also contains fulvic acid, a unique ingredient that allows nutrients to enter the bloodstream and be absorbed by the body more easily and efficiently. Fulvic acid, called wujinsan ("golden medicine") in China, is a powerful and organic electrolyte that was once used in Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent.(4)

E-water(TM) allows one to absorb the necessary nutrients without the added calories and sugar, and is a great complement to any weight loss or exercise program.

Mr. Robert Corr, president of RushNet, Inc., has been dedicated for over 30 years to providing the highest quality beverages on the market. "I learned from my own personal experience that other waters in the market can't give total satisfaction and a response you can feel after a work out," said Corr, who cycles regularly. "e-water(TM) not only has a natural, pure taste, but quenches your thirst and energizes. I go everywhere with a bottle of e-water(TM)."

E-water(TM) will be made available nationwide in many natural and mainstream grocery stores, spas, health clubs, and fitness centers. e-water(TM) has already been introduced to 1700 spas and clubs in Southern California and 500 in Metro Chicago will be introduced to e-water(TM) the week of July 10th. For more information see

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(3) "Salt, Friend or Foe?" Dr. Robert Filice, Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services.


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