Don't worry about that pre-run cup o' joe

Caffeine tends to increase urine production at rest, but not during exercise, probably because caffeine's effect on the kidneys may be blocked by adrenaline released during exertion, according to David R. Lamb, Ph.D., of Ohio State University. If you need that early cup of coffee, don't worry too much about dehydration or extra pit stops.

Running trivia: three centuries race
Ken Young of The Analytical Distance Runner points out that the Around the Bay 30K in Hamilton, Canada, on April 2 became the first race to have been held in three centuries (or at least in years starting with 18xx, 19xx and 20xx). The first race was in 1894. On April 17, the Boston Marathon, begun in 1897, will be the first U.S. race with this honor. Other 19th-century races still being held include two late-November events: the Bemis-Forslund Pie Race (from 1891) in Northfield, Mass., and the J.Y. Cameron 5-Mile (1896) in Buffalo, N.Y.

Training tip: Quadriceps tendinitis
If your quads regularly tighten up and hurt even during the first mile of a run, you may have quadriceps tendinitis, a common overuse injury among older runners. Treatment includes daily stretching exercises, physical therapy, and oral anti-inflammatories. When the pain subsides, try orthotics and motion-control shoes to reduce possibilities of a recurrence.

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