Coach wants Regina Jacobs to double in 1,500 and 5,000

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) The coach of the women's U.S. Olympic track and field team wants Regina Jacobs to run both the 1,500 and 5,000 meters in Sydney.

"In my mind, I think it's a doable thing,'' Karen Dennis said Sunday, the final day of the U.S. Olympic trials.

Jacobs said all along that she would run only the 1,500 at the Olympics, but the pressure for her to compete in the 5,000 has increased after she set the American record on Friday at 14 minutes, 45.35 seconds, the fastest time in the world this year by 7.5 seconds.

Regina, who also won the 1,500 at the trials, said after her 5,000 triumph that she still intended to run only the 1,500 because "I have some unfinished business there.''

That business includes taking a shot at Mary Slaney's 17-year-old American record and winning an Olympic gold medal after getting silvers at the last two world championships.

But Dennis doesn't think the decision is final.

"I saw Regina this morning and I asked her if she'd consider both,'' Dennis said, "and she said she had to go to the bathroom.''

Dennis interpreted that answer to mean that Jacobs hasn't made up her mind and will talk it over with her coach Tom Craig.

"I think she and Tom are going to get together and determine what her best chances are to win a medal and come up with a decision,'' Dennis said, "whether it's the 1,500, the 5,000 or both.''

Dennis said the schedule in Sydney would make it possible for Jacobs to run both.

"She'd have a 5,000, and then two days' rest and then the 5,000 finals,'' Dennis said. "Then the day after the 5,000 finals she'd go into three successive days of trials, semis and finals in the 1,500.

"It's a tough task, but Regina's tough. I don't know if she'll opt to do it. I'd like to see her do it, but that's going to be a decision she and her coach will make."

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