Beginner Triathlon Training

Beginner Triathlon Training for First-Timers

Learn how to train for your first beginner triathlon with expert training tips, workouts, and nutrition advice from the experts. Find beginner triathlon training tips for the swim, bike, and run, including race day tips.

Beginner triathlon Articles

Do You Need a Triathlon Bike?
By Gale Bernhardt

If you catch the triathlon bug, the next step might be finding the right bike for your races. Here is a breakdown of triathlon bikes and road bikes an

10 Steps to Becoming a Triathlete
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Whether you're a runner looking to shake things up, or a fitness newbie looking for a fun sport, triathlon is waiting for you. Follow these 10 steps t

8 Tips for Open Water Swimming Newbies
By Chris Kaplanis

Perhaps nothing scares a first-time triathlete more than the open water swim. Head into your race confident by following these eight open water tips.

10 Reasons to Do a Triathlon
By Michelle Valenti

Think you have a good excuse not to tri? Think again. Here are 10 inspiring reasons to swim, bike, and run toward the finish line.

Training Zones Explained
By Michael Ricci

Are you confused about the different training zones and when you should train in each one? This breakdown will help you decode the information.