Natalie Coughlin's Freestyle Kicking Tips

Two-time Olympian and world record holder Natalie Coughlin presents her second swimming video tip presented by H2O Audio.

In her last video, Natalie presented three tips to become a more efficient freestyler. Here, she explains the secrets behind a stronger kick.

Natalie Answer Your Questions

Have a specific question for Natalie? Visit H2O Audio's Ask Natalie page to post your question on technique, training, nutrition or whatever you'd like to ask a gold medalist swimmer. Here are two responses from the last freestyle swimming tip.

Question: Do you use a sweeping motion on your pull? On your exhale do you use just your nose or nose and mouth?

Natalie: Try not to think of specific arm movement patterns while swimming. I've always found those to be confusing. Try to make the water feel as "thick" as possible, which means that you're holding water. If the water feels "thin," you're probably slipping. Exhale with both your nose and mouth while being as relaxed (not forceful!) as possible.

Question: How do I rotate my upper body and not my hips for the freestyle stroke?

Natalie: You want to rotate your upper body and your hips. When you're doing freestyle, everything rotates as a unit from the neck down. Also, remember that your body position in the water is much like good posture on land: Your head should be facing the bottom of the pool.

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