Couch to 5K Training Guide

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Run your very first 5K with our Couch to 5K training plan made just for beginners. Find beginner running tips, workouts, advice and more. Our Couch to 5K plan has helped many successfully complete their first 5K and experience the joy of running.


couch to 5k running Articles

Running to Lose Weight
By Jay Johnson

Running is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. But, it's easy to overdo it once you start seeing results. Coach Jay Johnson walks you through

How Long Is a 5K?
By Giselle Domdom

How long is a 5K? Here's your breakdown of this doable road running distance.

How You Know You Are a Runner
By Sabrina Grotewold

How do you know that you're a runner? When certain habits become second nature, you've become one of us. Check out this fun look at runners' quirks.

How Do I Run a Faster 5K?
By Jay Johnson

Running a faster 5K is possible once you identify the key elements that need attention. Follow these three steps to achieve your 5K PR.

How to Become a Better Runner Part 2
By Erik Taylor

Many runners don't use their glutes fully when extending their legs forward; this can cause an inefficient gait and increased risk for injury. Strengt