How Running a Marathon is a Lot Like Marriage

Running a marathon is a lot like marriage.

Everyone goes into it thinking they are the exception, that their marriage will be the marriage that will defy the odds—that there will be no chaffing or miles where you want to quit. Forget the seven-year itch. This is a ‘til death do us part type of thing.

The truth is that marathons and marriage can be as hard as they are rewarding. They certainly aren't for everyone. Those who decide to say "I do" must learn to take both the highs and lows and grow from them. “In sickness and in health” brings on a new meaning when you are tested through hard miles both in the marathon and in your relationship.

Marriage and marathons are both commitments that have the possibility to enrich our lives and fulfill us in ways other endeavors can't. Take a look at the similarities.

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