13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners

When Should I Schedule My Core Workouts?

Now that you know the exercises that can keep you healthy and running strong, when should you schedule them in your weekly training?

First, you should do these workouts after your running workouts. They serve as a good cool down, and will help you recover. Even though you might think the opposite, these workouts can actually reduce soreness in your legs.

Next, think about what days to do core work. There's a principle that works well for most runners when it comes to scheduling these sessions: Remember to make your hard days harder and your easy days easier. This means that you should do the longer and more difficult routines after your longer and more difficult running workouts.

If you run four days per week, you should alternate with the two routines above after each of your runs, completing both of them twice every week. Many runners think they should do them on their rest days, but it's best to do nothing on those days to really prioritize recovery.

For those runners who run every day, you'll want to do these two routines after your long run, faster workouts, and any days that are moderate but not super easy.

Yoga, dynamic flexibility or even Active Isolated Stretching is best to do after your easy runs.

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Core workouts that are designed for runners will keep you healthy, improve your running form, and help you maintain your posture at the end of a race when you're really tired.

Now you just have to schedule them, and you're ready to get strong.

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