10 New Year's Resolutions for Your Body, Mind and Heart

I don't care what the skeptics say. I love making New Year's resolutions. Coming up with a yearly list of life-enhancing projects gives me a fresh look at what I want out of my life going forward.

Plus, it reminds me that opportunity is always lying on my doorstep waiting if only I would walk over and take it.

Making my resolutions this year made me want to think of some for people who exercise. I decided that all my suggested resolutions would be non-exercise-related. Resolutions leverage the focus, discipline and fighting spirit you've already developed from sticking with exercise and carry those assets over into other spheres of life.

After all, people who exercise know that change is possible. They've done it with their bodies, so they're primed to make it happen elsewhere.

With this idea in mind, I came up with the following ten projects that you might think of taking on in the New Year the same way you tackled exercise in past years.

Three for Your Body

  1. For one day eat only foods with no added sugar. Whether you weigh more or less than you want or are just right, a day free of sugar will get you of the roller coaster of sugar rushes and crashes. You'll gain extra mental stamina, energy and concentration, plus you'll sleep more deeply.

  2. Ask friends, members of your family and your exercise teacher to give you feedback on your posture. The way we stand gets deeply engrained in all of us from early childhood.

    For this reason our perception of our stance may not reflect the way you truly look. Get a reality check in 2011, and if your posture is found wanting, consider making serious effort to improve it.

  3. On one occasion when you're walking, sitting or standing for some time, try to keep your abs pulled in for 20 consecutive minutes. You already have strong abs from your workouts. Now train them to perform for you all day. This effort will challenge your concentration.
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