YouTube Sensation Sarah Dussault Shares Her Favorite Fitness Things

Sarah Dusasult is like your super fitness-savvy friend who also won't say no to a cocktail, nachos and dessert. Aka, the perfect friend. Maybe that's why her YouTube workout videos have more than 120 million views. She's an ambassador for Adidas and Tone It Up, just wrote a new guide to living healthy and always has fresh tips on her blog Plus, has this to say about why she loves spreading the fit word: "I truly believe we can reduce our spending on health care in our future if we take care of ourselves now through fitness and health. I love helping people discover their passion for healthy living without giving up their social lives." Preach it, sister. 

Any new group fitness classes you're obsessed with right now?

"I'm a fitness class junkie. My favorite right now is Barry's Bootcamp. It just opened in Boston and while yes, I'm a trainer there, I take class about four times a week. I also love total-body Spinning workouts. In Boston, I go to Recycle Studio. It's similar to SoulCycle, but our own local version. It was started by a former New Yorker who missed SC classes and was tired of waiting for Boston to catch up to the trends so she opened her own."

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Fill in the blank: If you see ____ in a gym, you freak out because you're so excited.

"Sliders. Trainer Valerie Waters has her own called ValSlides and they are great. At Barry's, I flip over the top of the bench and make my clients use towels to simulate the dragging sensation. They make simple bodyweight moves more challenging."

Mid-workout, you start to waver and give up. Your psych-up thought is:

"I have a few: If I'm training for a race, I'll remember the 70-year-olds crossing the finish line at the Kona Ironman Championships. Then I'll think, 'If they can do it, so can I." Not that I'm training for an Ironman, but seriously, those athletes are inspiration for any athletic event. If I need to lose a few pounds or firm up, 'Change is uncomfortable' or 'I am worth it' are my go-tos."

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