Video: How to Do a Super-Set Burpee

Super Set: Burpee, T-Pushup, Shoulder Tap and Tuck Jump

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down and reach your hands to the floor. Thrust your legs back, make sure your hands are under your shoulders, and land in a high-plank position.

Do two T-Pushups followed by your shoulder taps.

Then, jump your feet forward so that you land outside of your hands with your heels hitting the ground first. It's OK to make some noise with this jump forward.

Before standing up, look forward so that you're in a squat position and then jump. Explode off the ground and tuck your knees into your chest. Try and hug your knees with your hands while you're at the top of your jump.

Modifications: Because this burpee version is pretty intense, modifications can help you complete all your reps. Leave out any part of it if you don't feel comfortable doing, and add it in when you're ready. Do a regular push-up instead of a "T". Or do a regular squat jump instead of a tuck.

Download and print this move to take with you where ever you go.

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