Strength Training vs. Cardio: What's Better?

There are many theories about what type of exercises to do first, strength training or cardio. Do I get on the treadmill first or head for the dumbbells?

It depends on what your emphasis is your for workout. If you want more of a cardio workout, start with your run, walk, stars, or elliptical. Then head over to the weights for a few exercises. If strength training is your emphasis, start there, and end with about 20 minutes of cardio.

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The reason behind the order is that at the beginning of your workout, your body engages the appropriate muscles for each type of exercise. Your slow-twitch fibers will exhaust on your cardio and will need to rebuild and repair after.

Going into an intense strength training routine, needing to utilize fast-twitch fibers, could delay repair. Delaying repair could lead to injury when switching to a different type of exercise immediately after. Our muscles are susceptible to injury when exercises are done with poor form or muscle cramping.

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Make sure to avoid injury with these tips:

  • Plan your workout before your start. What is your emphasis?

  • Stay well hydrated and fueled for your workout.

  • Take time to warm-up and cool-down.

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